Speakers and program

The conference is not only reports of speakers, but also a unique opportunity for personal communication and meetings. Like last year, we provide a tool that helps to expand the range of your business contacts and agree in advance to meet with potential partners. Networking will allow to understand, even before the beginning of the Conference, who will be present at it from speakers and participants, who of them is interesting to you and to whom you are interesting.
To access the Networking service functionality, you must:

1. Pass authorization, pay for participation and mark "I want to participate in Networking" in the Personal Area, indicating the main areas of your interests.

2. Send an application for a meeting to any of the participants in this stream.

3. Carefully follow the news and e-mail and social networks: we will notify about new participants of the stream, which may be interesting for you, as well as about the launch of the communication functional with them.

Very soon you will become available profiles of guests who have registered on the stream, and you can send them an application!

Already participating